Micro Photography



F 11 | 1/125 | Used a desk lamp for the lighting and no flash


Water Drop in front of Johnny Cash

F 9 | 1/200 | Desk lamp, no flash. Used Johnny Cash record for the color


Water in a Plastic Bag

F 8 | 1/125 | Desk lamp, no flash. Enhanced color in photoshop.


Mini Lantern Lights

F8 | 1/25 | No flash. These were little lantern lights hanging in my sister’s room.


Miss Queen City

F 11 | 1/15 | Natural light, no flash. Mini tiara that belongs to my roommate.


Randy’s Ring

F11 | 1/200 | Christmas lights, no flash. Ring my step-father gave me on a fur blanket.

I really enjoyed this project. I don’t have a zoom lens and I was out of town for the weekend so it was a little difficult, but I really liked the creativity that I was allowed to use. I tried more new lighting techniques and overall had a really good time.


I think this is one of the most difficult projects so far this semester. I really wanted to do something unique with the lighting in my portraits but I think I just ended up messing them up. I’m still getting used to the settings on my camera but I really like photoshop. I was able to edit out blemishes on my friends faces and add light and more interesting elements. I spent most of my time editing, but I think I’ll stick to natural light next time.

Perspective of 12

So the object that I chose to get perspective on is my record player. I love this object because It’s one of my prized possessions. Since it isn’t one of the newer players that you see in stores now, there were a lot of interesting components to it that I haven’t noticed before. I used my canon T6 and placed the record player on the floor of my apartment living room by the window for natural light. I mostly used the shallow techniques we learned about last week. For the masking overlay, which is in the individual picture of the needle,I used a chemical burn and masked it to look almost like a soft sun flare. I really enjoyed this project and though it was really unique.

Here is a thumbnail of the chemical burn texture: