Conceptual Challenge



The words I picked were skylight, climb, and loud. I also added the two words water and blue.

I was really excited for this projects and had so many ideas. For this project I asked my roommate’s boyfriend, Nick, to model for me. I filled up my bath tub, added blue food coloring to make the color more vibrant without having to make too many edits, and added paint to his face and hands. I used a LED light straight above the tub and made sure I used the gold reflector to make it warm, this is my skylight. I asked Nick to act as if he were trying to get out from under the water like he was drowning, hence his hands looking like he was climbing. He also screamed to add the loud feature. I had so Much fun with this project and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. I added another image to the picture, of the water, and masked out around Nick, so that instead of looking like he was in a bathtub,it seemed like a larger body of water.

My settings were 1/80 sec. f/4.5 28mm ISO 400 with flash on my Canon Rebel T6i


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