Fine Art Print

TempleDuarteFineArtPrintFine Art Presentation Video

I really enjoyed getting to see my work be printed. I really loved this photo. I took this at Bannack in the Hotel with Ariana dressed as the Native American. I used the light coming in from the window and the lighting that we used from our equipment to get the shadows. We asked Ariana to dance around an we were all having fun and I got this shot. I didn’t edit too much because I really like the mystery in the photo. I used the dodge tool to brighten up the red, and the fox scarf that she was wearing. I also used the burn tool to make the shadows more dramatic, and added a vignette filter to enhance her as he focal point. I really love this photo and I am very proud of it. I’m glad I get to share it with the class.Below is the image before my edits.



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