Perspective of 12

So the object that I chose to get perspective on is my record player. I love this object because It’s one of my prized possessions. Since it isn’t one of the newer players that you see in stores now, there were a lot of interesting components to it that I haven’t noticed before. I used my canon T6 and placed the record player on the floor of my apartment living room by the window for natural light. I mostly used the shallow techniques we learned about last week. For the masking overlay, which is in the individual picture of the needle,I used a chemical burn and masked it to look almost like a soft sun flare. I really enjoyed this project and though it was really unique.

Here is a thumbnail of the chemical burn texture:



3 thoughts on “Perspective of 12”

  1. Temple I really love your pictures this week. I especially like the way you used the texture to really add to your image of the record spinning. Great Job.

    You can check out Daniel’s blog to see his awesome images of the Rouge One crew in legos at:
    You can also go see my post of my lighthouse at:


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